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We're drowning in plastic

Summer is all about having fun outdoors. But there's nothing fun about hiking, biking, or swimming through a sea of plastic bags.

A statewide ban of plastic bags is a pollution solution whose time has come.

More than 30 towns and cities in Massachusetts have already passed laws to reduce single-use plastic bags. Banning them statewide would further reduce litter, pollution, and waste.

Massachusetts uses an estimated 2 billion plastic bags every year. Just think of what that does to beaches, rivers, oceans, wildlife habitats, and landfills. And all those bags contribute to global warming because they are made from fossil fuels.

Most plastic bags are used for 12 minutes to transport groceries home before they are tossed away. Reusable bags are convenient, environmentally friendly, and the logical way to reduce litter.

We can do better, Massachusetts. We can ban single-use plastic bags statewide.

Here at Global Warming Solutions, we are fighting to restore Massachusetts as a leader in the U.S. in the fight against climate change.

Rob Moir
Global Warming Solutions

Posted on July 26, 2018.